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okay, here's an update:

has anyone used/uses the online art gallery:

Its a place to sell fine art, be it original paintings, sculpture, photographs, etc.

If you haven't, I recommend checking it out. Im going to see about creating an account there later this month, as it appears very much geared to Fine Art for collectors. 

So what's going on? Wellp, all this time (by that I mean since art college) I was under the assumption you don't get to be a 'Fine Artist' until its time to retire. Sure, there are exceptions, some make it big, but for the majority of us, eeeh, well, recent events within the past month have demonstrated to me that may not necessarily be entirely true. And in that, if i truly do have the dream of being one of those artists that just sit around in their studio and do nothing but their own fine art all day and live that dream, then its clear to me now its still not too early in life to get started.

So, if you've used it, I would like to know your thoughts on it. More specifically, its stating that they have online curators that assist buyers; meaning, you tell them the kind of art you're looking for, and they assist you with potential artists and their artwork.

So as Fine Art goes, Im definitely now thinking online art galleries are the better way to go than local, physical galleries.

Your thoughts on that, if you have any...

Meanwhile, Monolith Models is holding its own.

cheers. :lolly:

okay, there it is:

I finally found the time to do it. Facepalm  All I had to do was give up my hour before bedtime, nightly DungeonsAndDragons Online fix.Grump 

(and I'm already suffering withdrawal syndrome. Facepalm )

half way thru processing images, adding my logo, (only 300 more images to go. Sad dummy ) no big deal.

well this is odd- how can 'voluptasism' be a popular 'search term' if I only just invented it. :paranoid:

:paranoid: :paranoid: :paranoid:


:paranoid: :paranoid: :paranoid: :paranoid: :paranoid: :paranoid:
:paranoid: :paranoid: :paranoid: :paranoid: :paranoid: :paranoid:

hmm, maybe its like 'humanism'; Multiple people useing it for different meanings. 

:shrug: whateva...
Happy Holidays,

As the title says, no, I am not dead, just super busy. Havn't logged in an a while, it just occurred to me now, how much time has passed. A whole lot has happened, totally digging this online sales thing, ive branched out into different genres, doesn't look like ill ever work in a production studio environment again ( a good thing) I got sick of having to go out of town chasing the work thing. Its been two years now that Ive been completely on my own, and im loving it. I recently broke 100 designs, and ive also now branched out into silk screening D&D related clothing. Lost in my own little world, it feels like im back in college again. Had a friend who passed away, another became homeless. Tried to help, got burned in the process, chick lost her mind and ended up in jail. Took it kind of personally, seeing how we had been friends for almost 10 years, but i guess thats how things go. Oh, and I recently bought a home. I am a home owner now. Can you believe it? :D Never thought that day would come but its here now. :D The price was just too good to be true. At first I was loving it, rolling up my sleeves and fixing everything up happily. At first. Well, not regretting buying the home, but i am regretting the location; the community its in, there are all these assanine rules about 'maintenance and upkeep' about peoples 'home values', and im quickly finding out now, why the previous owners bailed. Guess Ill continue fixing it up, and maybe next summer/fall Ill think about selling and moving back down into the lowlands. Not sure where, but it definitely won't be Vallejo.

Never got around to doing the tumblr thing, just never found the time. Maybe after the x-mo rush. maybe, i dunno. Later Im thinking about investigating this whole online galleries thing as far as the fine art goes.

Sorry for all the non replys, and late responses.

Happy Holidays.
There was a very specific reason I didn't want people reposting my pictures on Tumblr and other various parts of the web. This is the reason why:

Here is my sculpture of 'Midnight' Contortionist Study from my website:…

Now, have a look at this:

This is now the fifth person this week to bring this to my attention, and as you can clearly see, they even went as far as copying the arm and leg bands. This is the reason I didn't want people reposting. Because in the back of my mind, I just KNEW something like this was eventually going to happen. I have since had time to calm down and think logically. But whats really vexing, is i just know that somewhere down the line, some ass-hat is going to accuse ME of stealing MY OWN f*cking art. (pardon my language. Facepalm )

I have since calmed down, and now I see that I have to do the exact opposite; instead of trying to hide and protect my Fine Art (which is absolutely sacred to me, btw, and in another post, I will share the story of why) but i see now that instead of trying to protect it from unsavory individuals and scrub it from the internet, I must now do the exact opposite; I must post it all over tumblr, and all over the internet. Because if i don't, they'll end up owning it.

So here's my question for people who have tumblr accounts: If you post your art on tumblr, and you dont like the way someone is reposting it, if you dont like the way they are trying to demean it, do you have the ability to 'break' the reblog, and ultimately block them?
And if you dont like the comments people are posting, do you have the ability to remove said comment, and block them?

Let me tell you honestly, that fundamentally, I DON'T like sites like tumblr. the reason? Other than the obvious, theres another reason; a while back ago, a friend talked me into joining a site called And i will say, i absolutely love the friends ive made since at events like Pride and Folsom Street Fair, what absolutely SICKENS me, is that people were downloading their personal pictures (inwhich they were nude) and posted them all over tumblr. Then another a**hole downloads it, reposts it, and then before you know it, what was private, spiritual, and utterly sacred to you, is now all over the internet. It truly SICKENED me.

But in anycase, I see now that im going to have to join tumblr with my own account, instead of 'protecting & hiding it', otherwise, because if I dont, they'll end up owning it. Im going to do this sometime next week, after ive had time to add the web address, my logo, and copyright notices to the pictures. Right now im rushing once again to get another wholesale order filled. And well, let me end this on a happy note: that's the good news! :shuffelin:  this monolithmodels project, is definitely working out. :shuffelin: :shuffelin: :shuffelin: all the hard work, and relentless pursuit, is clearly building towards one inevitable goal, on the not too distant horrizon, our very own spin-casting shop. :shuffelin: :shuffelin: :shuffelin:  so stay in touch for that, if youre interested. :happybounce:

No, im not going to let this get me down, if anything it makes me even more determined, even more dedicated to hold true to my core principles, and to work even harder. But i will say, it is very infuriating. But people like this, clearly have neither respect, morals, nor values. And theres a whole world out there full of them.Facepalm  And no, i am not unique, in the time that ive been on this site, Ive seen this happen to others as well.

So, long story short, ill join tumblr next week, after ive had the chance to get everything done that needs to be done, come back with a link. Who knows, maybe i might actually like it. :shrug: maybe ill even re-upload all my fine art under another ID. Ashamed 
*3/13/16 UPDATE:

okay, so i bought it!!!! :shuffelin: :shuffelin: :shuffelin:

I asked around some more on other forums, drew a consensus from what people were saying on make/model, did more homework (yeeea, im a D&D geek remember, we like doing our homework :lol: ) and based on what everyone has been saying, i decided to get it. Its being shipped from a city called Riverside, CA down there in zombielan,eeeer... I mean L.A. :lmao:
im guessing in about a week or so, i should have it! :shuffelin: :shuffelin: :shuffelin:

Hopefully, this will make a difference, sound wise/comfort wise, as seeing how im pressure-casting almost daily now.

:shuffelin: :shuffelin: :shuffelin: :shuffelin: :shuffelin: :shuffelin:


next, lets talk about that spin-casting gear. :happybounce: Woohooooo!

time to do more research/homework.EVIL Laughter!

Live long and prosper. :meditation:

So, pressure-casting resin in pressure pots:

Anyone here that does pressure-casting, have a dental air-compressor?

if so, how 'quiet' is it? the one im looking into is priced at $500.00, and has a dBA rating of 49. which is described as 'quiet operation'. so, how 'quiet' is it actually?

looking into buying a dental air-compressor, as seeing hows im going to be doing pressure casting on an almost daily basis now, and the one i have (which is a Husky btw) has a dBA rating of 78.5 which, isnt as loud as some of the others, but its still kinda noisy. :shifty:

mkay, :shifty: yada yada yada, so ends another day of sun up to sun down work, live long and prosper. :meditation:

keep those d20's rolling. :meditation:
was a band, that i was really into back in college. their music was very melodramatic. I existed somewhere between Sisters of Mercy & My Bloody Valentine. :shifty: thats who i was. that was before i even knew what 'bi-polar disorder' even was.

And as of late, ive decided, its time to go back to being that person. :meditation:

Never let them harden you. Always sit beneath your own Banyan Tree. And the greatest revenge? Is to not become them.

my name is Jami, and I approve this message. :meditation:

Anyhoo, 4 out of 5 dentists recommend brushing your teeth!  things are moving right along, soon its going to be time to completely overhaul the site. people are saying its not 'mobile friendly'. not sure what that means, :shrug: but its something that needs to be addressed.

so um, does anyone have a weebly online checkout account?

here's the question:

Does weebly have whats called a 'guest checkout'?

guest-checkout' means you dont have to sign up, or create an account if you want to buy something, you just enter an email address and the payment information for a 'one time sale'.

may also have to soon think about having the site translated into different languages too. :shifty:

in other news, i binged watched season 1 of 'Cloud 9' on hulu yesterday (blew everything off) if you havnt seen it, i wont disclose any spoilers, all ill say is the season finale left a very lasting impression. which reminds us, why unions and worker's rights are so important in the first place.Disbelief  The character 'Cheyenne' reminds me of Rinzin. :glomp: one of those people whos aura shines so brightly.

mkay, thats enough lovin for today. Huggle! 

time to go watch some zombie movies now. :nana:

*Update 2-5-16*

CRAP! I only just filled that last order, and they're already back for more! faintstare

Alrightey then. Not just the UK, but there are ppl in other countries also now asking. :paranoid:

Some things I need to find out:

1.People are now asking about 'starter packages' and minimums. So whats a reasonable minimum order? *SH*T* Iduno, 25 pcs. total? :shrug: that would mean if theyre going to regularly stock 5 designs, then they would start out with 5 each. :smoking: I think thats very reasonable, but seeing hows ive never worked in retail, i wouldnt know. :paranoid:

2. That last order-they didnt even bother with a 'minimum', they just came and completely cleaned us out. faintstare So then, if someone is running both an online retail, and 'brick & mortar' storefront, what do you figure their customer base is?
So I asked a friend. His answer? "Easily ten thousand." was his reply.


ten, th- th- th- thhhhh- ...Ugh! faintstarefaintstarefaintstare

So how many customers does it take to successfully run a retail store, im wondering. And of that number, lets say 5-10 percent are going to then buy our product, what kind of number are we looking at... :paranoid:

Im like Gandalf, sitting at Bilbo's table. Riddles in the dark.

Things to ponder... :smoking:


that last wholesale order took almost 4 days to completely fill. I think I've fainted.

Revive Emoticon  

'depleted almost the entire stock. its going to take atleast the next week, to completely restock it all. faintstare up til 3 am packing it all, almost didnt make it to the post office in time. :paranoid:

but this isnt bad, its good, as very soon stuff will be available for purchase in the UK.

dont know why, but at first i wasnt mentally ready for this, but ive embraced it now. And soon, ill be taking on more orders.

so, weeeell... I guess this is it. :shifty:

moving into the next phase of things now. :shuffelin: :shuffelin: :shuffelin:

:shuffelin: :shuffelin: :shuffelin: :shuffelin: :shuffelin: seems like only yesterday, i was sitting at my desk making these silly little things...
bipolar, but stuck in happy mode now :shuffelin: :shuffelin: :shuffelin: then i broke the switch off behind me. :shuffelin: :shuffelin: :shuffelin:

la-la-la-la-la (nope, sorry, cant hear U) :shuffelin: :shuffelin: :shuffelin:


filling another wholesale order, this time its a big one, soon ppl will be able to buy locally in the UK. :shuffelin: :shuffelin: :shuffelin:

finishing up some of these zombies, then ill get moving on the Ape Soldiers.

Monolith Models.

before this is over, they will know the name. :paranoid:

dug out all my old horror-punk albums, stuck in a time warp now. :turbopoke:

live long and prosper. :meditation:
sup ninjas. Ninja Shuriken!Ninja... slip away... with hot dog.

I was wondering if anyone in Asia knew of free games to download/browser based to play on tablets. I bought a family member a tablet overseas, and now everyone has tablets to stay in touch. wondering if there were cool games they could play, but they have to be able to do it on a tablet. :epic: 

and a belated happy new year. :shifty:

so what have i been up to? zombies:…

yep. :shifty:

now with these new WW2 supernatural models going into production, almost 80 designs total now. :shifty: 

begun filling wholesale orders now, where things go from here, i guess we'll just have to wait and see. :shifty: these are uncharted waters being sailed into. :shifty:

Happy New Year. partay - NaNoEmo - day 3 Party New year 2016

Live Long and Prosper. :meditation:
You can read about it here:…

And lets hope it doesn't suck like the last two. CURSE YOU! CURSE YOU! CURSE YOU!

'Gamers: Dorkness Rising' is one of my all time favorite movies, and they did it on not even a sliver of a comparative budget. (eagerly awaiting Dead Gentleman's next production, btw.)

been perpetually busy as of late, theres a lot going on here. :shifty: Trying to squeeze in time to get these new zombie stuff done, havnt done icky dead things for quite a while, im having to force myself to play zombie games to get in the mood. Dead Frontier is quite a cool one & it doesnt require any downloading:

:shifty: Reely hope that new D&D movie doesnt suck... They already disappointed me with Terminator. :shifty: 

That is all. Ashamed 
You can read about it here:…

And lets hope it doesn't suck like the last two. CURSE YOU! CURSE YOU! CURSE YOU!

been perpetually busy as of late, theres a lot going on here. :shifty: Trying to squeeze in time to get these new zombie stuff done, havnt done icky dead things for quite a while, im having to force myself to play zombie games to get in the mood. Dead Frontier is quite a cool one & it doesnt require any downloading:

:shifty: Reely hope that new D&D movie doesnt suck... They already disappointed me with Terminator. :shifty: 

That is all. Ashamed 
you know what would be cool- life drawing and modelling classes brodcast from the internet. it would be sweet if it could be done from here somehow. that would be a very helpful resource i would think, that goes beyond just 2-D stock photos. Ive been so busy, that i havnt had time to go to any night time life drawing groups. but then i got to thinking, what if its broadcast right from the internet- whereas everyone pitches in a tiny little bit to cover the models fees.

okay, somebody go suggest that to the DA ppl. :turbopoke:

Huggle! now for some feel good news:…

 :smoking: you know what, these are the kind of people i want to surround myself with from now on. good people. tender-hearted people. kind loving people, with a heart of gold. Ive seriously had it with mean people.

:nana: but sometimes, even crows can be jerks too:…

wow.Shocked  that is like a one-in-a-million shot. Flirtatious makes me want to take up nature photography again.

anyhoo, trying my dangdest to finish up new stuff and get the ball rolling on it all. These silly little things are selling quite well as of late. (considering that ive been doing next to nothing in the way of advertizing :paranoid: ) But slowly but steadily its working out. things have almost completely sold out again. Hopefully, by the end of this year, it will become the bulk of my income, and i can begin fazing out paid gigs. And hopefully, by this time next year, i will be entirely independent. :boogie: from that point on, im not sure what comes next actually. but we'll figure it out as we go. :turbopoke:

Happy 4th of July. Airborne

Live long and prosper. :spocknoid: 
no really. check this out if you havnt seen it in the news already:…

:turbopoke: you have to admit, that looks remarkably like the top of a pyramid...


Here's the picture on another site:…


'wonder why they deleted that article...

:paranoid: Smells like a cover-up to me. :paranoid:
If you live in the U.S., and love animals here's something to read:…

declawing cats is a form of animal cruelty. My cousin sent me this link. It can lead to medical problems, excessive pain, behavior disorders, and did I mention its a plain, CRUEL thing to do?

it makes my blood boil. =( It has since been outlawed in other countries, and I wont be truly happy on the subject matter until it is made illegal in every state.

as for me, things have been hectic here. I recently moved, tax time was hectic, and now im scrambling to get stuff restocked that sold out. Im learning a lot of things as I go. but theres no way to learn, quite like the hard way.

steady as she goes...

cheers. :lolly:
If you're a, or soon to be first time home buyer, here's something I want to share:…

number 2, IMO, is the most important; 'short-term adjustable rate mortgage'. AVOID that like the plague. That's how people end up falling into foreclosure. itll go up, and up, and then before you know it, youre up to your eyeballs in it. :oops: better to know what the bill is every month, so you can plan for it.

& now for Little Buddha, your daily dose of cutesiness:…

okay. its been explained to me before, but someone tell me again how you get videos & pictures imbedded in your journal posts. I wrote it down on a piece of paper, but now I don't know where I put it. :stare3d: Stare 3D 50x50 derp 

that is all. carry on.

cheers. :lolly:
things have been super busy crazy here, a lot has happened. havnt really had a whole lot of time to mess around, im in Depeche mode now. hopefully at the end of this month I can upload some new stuff. zombie chickens, zombie punks from the 1980's (a twist on the 'punks not dead' genre) I see the skull with a Mohawk decal everywhere, but I find it odd, that no one (or im yet to discover) has done any of that on the 28mm scale. (I wonder what Dr. Chud would think of that? :smoking: ive admired his work for quite a while.) and a whole lot more rude, drunken dwarves, being complete arses.) ;p eventually whats going to happen, is the monolithmodels project is going to sub-devide into two separate sites, with one being dedicated entirely just to gaming minis alone.

maybe it was me mouthing off about D&D, minis, RPG gaming, and the lot, but people whom I have not spoken to since college are finding their way back into my life, and its been real. (really awesome.) not to long ago, I ran into a former colleague whom I worked with at the Halloween mask studio we used to work in at the post office of all places. :omg: 'shared stories about other colleagues, and how everyones been doing.

the spin casting gear is definitely on the horizon now. only now, im not sure how to tip toe back into it; obtain the centrifuge, vulcanizer, and cast, or have another shop proceed to do the mould making and casting, with an understanding that at a later date, they will still make the moulds, but the casting will be done inhouse, and if it ever becomes overwhelming, the moulds would then be sent back to them, and they would continue the casting.

lot going thru my mind these days.

wish I were mates with Kev, and Sally from Hassle-Free, I could totally use their advice, (it would save me learning everything the hard way) :nana: but in the end, I suppose there truly is no way, quite like the hard way. :oops:


but chin up, little by little its getting there. :boogie: people like what theyre buying. its propping itself up. (now I just need to figure out what the *BLEEP* im doing) oh, my horrible language. cover your ears whydontu. :slapfight: 

Be safe, be healthy, be happy. :meditation:
no im not dead, no I didn't leave, just busy as heck. Been going full tilt since November, with not so much as 15 minutes for a sit down. But that's the good news. :boogie: This online sales thing is working. Quite well, so much so, that im thinking in late January/Feb. im contemplating also stocking stuff from other producers-paints, foilege, scenery, etc. and making it a full blown online retail. still havnt the fogiest clue what im doing, but were learning as we go. A rude little goblin pulling down his pants and mooning you- simple, yet surprisingly effective. :shrug: you'd be surprised how many of those I sold this past month. Nothing says holiday cheer quite like scrawny, little goblyn butt. Wink/Razz 

Unfortunately, I also had to delete the fine art. Too many d*ck heads were trying to cause trouble. Of whom I don't have time to deal with, not even 15 minutes. I certainly don't have time to go policing tumblr or facebook (I HATE facebook btw) everytime some idjit decides to repost sh*t without permission, so unfortunately I had to remove it all. Temporarily, as they removed the option of 'putting things in storage', so there wasn't much of a choice. Maybe later ill re-upload stuff when I have more time. Why anyone would waste their time is beyond me, but I don't even have 15 minutes.

Hope everyone had a safe, happy holidays with loved ones.

Im personally  looking forward to the new year full of lots of new minis. :boogie:

Happy Holidays. :meditation:
I was wondering if anyone knew how to remove deviations from 'collections' I don't like, nor approve of?

I don't think I like the changes DA has made. I have been so busy, that I havnt really had time to take notice of what has been going on, but now that it has been brought to my attention, I don't like what some people are trying to do with my art. It goes against everything I stand for, and if I don't find a way, or if they don't change the new features to allow one to remove their art from a 'collection' you don't like, I think it may finally be time to move it all into storage, or just delete it altogether.

Previously, I was able to just 'deny request' if someone tried to add my art to a group I didn't like.

Honestly, I don't think I particularly care for the way some idiots on this site have been trying to suggest about my fine art. How and why, any of these morons think I OF ALL PEOPLE would agree with any of their right-wing, demeaning, woman-hating BULLSH*T is beyond me, but these fools have been causing trouble ever since the very first day I joined this site.

In anycase, im not disappearing, or going away, ill still be coming by to talk to all the friends ive made here, ill just be removing about 90% of what I have uploaded.

Things here are starting to get very intense, and I seriously don't have the TIME to deal with any trolls on this site.

But like I said, im not going away, ill still be coming by, just going to have to delete about 90% of it if I cant find a way, or if they don't change it.
Hoards... and hoards,n' hoards, AND HOARDS, AND HOARDS OF THE RAVANOUS DEAD!!!! Nuu Nuu Nuu Nuu 

if you havnt seen this already:…

a comprehensive guide to the zombie apocalypse. :giggle:

(and it even has code that you can copy and paste into your own site. :nana:)

Although, technically speaking, a candarian deadite isn't technically a zombie, per se, its a person that's been posessed by a candarian demon. Since we're getting technical. :nana:

Been coming up with some 28mm zombie genre minis as of late. I think we can have fun with these. :boogie: In addition to a woodchipper, im thinking of also making some 'modified' farm equipment as well.

alright, as you were.

cheers. :lolly:
Woke up to a BEAUTIFUL sound this morning... RAIN! :woohoo:

And why is this so important?

Because there has been a very long, prolonged drought in California. Water rationing, wildfires, wells ran dry- some communities have been entirely without water. :no:

Anyone who doesn't believe that climate change is a very real, and dangerous threat to us all, only needs to come the Fresno-SF-Sacramento stretch. :paranoid: flooding in other parts of the world, but a horrible drought here.

Finally something uplifting. I hope this continues...

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Oderus will live on forever:…

Don't know if you've read that yet/heard the news, but Dave Brokie's alter (true) ego was given a Viking style funeral. You can read about it in the link, if you havnt already.

Gwar, combined both music, and sculpture (props) in a theatrical performance. Having made Halloween masks, they were a huge source of inspiration over the years. Not just to me, but to many of you I would imagine. My cousin-in-law overseas, also wants to make his own Halloween masks now. (ironically natural latex is a natural resource/export from S.E. Asia)

Most of all, im glad to read about the Dave Brockie Foundation being started, to continue that said creativity. I would say its deeply heart-warming, but hart-warming' isn't what gwar was about, now were they. Quite the opposite. :nana:

He may have gone out in a true blaze of glory, but this isn't the end. Infact, I feel its just the beginning. A whole new generation has been spawned, and I only have to look at some of your deviantart pages to know this for a fact.

Meanwhile, ive been hard at work, plugging away at stuff. Fine Art show scheduled in early October. :boogie:

For the little contortionists, 80mm is the scale, theyre going to be done in an Art Deco/Flapper style. Infuse it with a bit of historical relevance.

keep making, keep creating. :meditation: